The Twisters Gymnastics and Trampoline Club uses a level system for gymnasts in all recreational programs. The level system is designed to teach fundamental skills on Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor and Trampoline. There are three stages to the level system. The first part is the Parent and Tot Program where gymnasts and parents are given instructions on all equipment and the children receive a certificate at the end of each session. The next stage of the level system is called Foundations. There are five levels 1 though 5. The third stage of the achievement program is the coloured levels starting with Orange, Red, Yellow, White, Lilac, Green, Blue, Merit, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Children enrolled in the Trampoline Program follow a similar program with corresponding ribbons. Students are assessed on a continual basis. As they learn the required skills they are given credit for them. In each level, students complete a number of required skills on each piece of apparatus in addition to a coach’s program for each event. Upon completion of a level, the gymnast receives a ribbon corresponding in colour to the level that they have completed. Report cards are completed and distributed at the end of each term. Children entering the Recreational Program will be assessed and placed in the appropriate level. The more difficult levels often require more than one term to complete. A progress report is issued each term so that the parent and the gymnast can monitor progress.